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In simply words: Taste to belive the special flair at our "Moses" Lounge.

Sparkling Wine? Made in Italy, thanks!

Sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne? The eternal challange with a Barrage of perlage...

If you are fan of "bubbles" you are surely aware of the wide choice on the market. Sparkling wine, Prosecco or Champagne, although often combined, are very different products, rather, are just these differences that make the three of them the wonderful result of human intelligence.



The most expensive rums in the world:

The most expensive and prestigious rums in the world belong to the most prestigious brands that produce this rough brandy obtained from the destillation of the sugare cane. The rums can be devided into: White rum (aged for one year), amber rum (aged at least 4 years) and dark rum (aged for twelve years and over). The industrial rums are those Derivate from the destillation of molasses, while the Registered Designation of Origin is attributed only to agricultural rum, where the Juice extracted from the cane directly undergoes fermentation without producing sugar.

A curiosity: Christie´s auctioned a case of rum dating back to 1780 for 128,000 Dollars, the case was found intact in the cellars of the majestic Herwood House in Leeds, which makes it the oldest and most expesive rum in the history of autions.